Iwenofu Chuchu (born 1983) is a creative professional passionate about the use of photography as art to tell the narratives of landscapes and culture of his environment. 

Originally from an engineering background, Chuchu is a self taught artist using photography as his medium to create and reimagine scenes. He draws inspiration from his visions, from the topography of places. 

Iwenofu Chuchu blends the structure and methodology of an engineering mind without loosing the aestetic of art in his approach to image creation. He always pursues excellence in his creative process and ensures the finest finish in his work. His works are patronized and sort after by notable art patrons both locally and internationally and have been exhibited in various group exhibitions, also featuring frequently at various auction houses in the Lagos art metropolis.

Iwenofu Chuchu graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic/Electrical Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, and a Master’s of Science (Communications Engineering) from the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen.